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Towards a Satellite Beacon Digital Receiver

Rocha, A. ; Martins, R. ; Pires, A.

Towards a Satellite Beacon Digital Receiver, Proc URSI Spain National Conf. - URSI Spain, Madrid, Spain, Vol. 1, pp. On CD - On CD, September, 2008.

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The paper introduces a brief description of a satellite beacon receiver design issues taking into account the signal characteristics. A brief review of available commercial hardware for digital radio is reviewed and then a stand alone digital solution using a DSP is suggested. Experimental results, obtained with a prototype of two channels that uses a software based PLL/FLL detector and related DSP software, are discussed. The performance of the hardware is presented in open and closed loop and conclusions derived in this framework. The results obtained with a direct digital synthesizer are explored as a possible solution for local oscillator derivation in the beacon receiver chain for a versatile H/W design.