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A 5GHz/1.8V CMOS Active Balun Integrated With LNA

Azevedo, F. ; Mendes, L. ; Vaz, J. ; Fortes, F. ; Rosário, M.

A 5GHz/1.8V CMOS Active Balun Integrated With LNA, Proc Asia Pacific Microwave Conf. - APMC, Hong Kong, China, Vol. na, pp. na - na, December, 2008.

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The design and simulation of an innovative monolithic active balun integrated with low noise amplifier, is described in this paper. The fully integrated circuit was implemented in a 0.18m CMOS technology. The simulations, optimized to noise performance, minimum differential phase and magnitude error, were performed with BSIM3 model. Circuit simulations present 23dB differential power gain at 5GHz, a phase and a transducer gain magnitude errors less than 1º and 0.2dB, respectively, in a 100MHz span around 5GHz, NF =3.6dB, 1dBCP-ORef = -2dBm, OIP3 = 12dBm, 50 input and output match, while drawing 8mA from a 1.8V power supply.