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Eddy Current Testing of Conductive Materials

Ramos, H. ; Ribeiro, A. L. ; Ježdík, P. ; Neškudla, J.

Eddy Current Testing of Conductive Materials, Proc IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conf., Victoria, Canada, Vol. , pp. 864 - 868, May, 2008.

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The objective of our work is to design and implement an automatic recognition system of mechanical wear out in a conductive non magnetic material. Especially in the flight industry, this is a very important issue as recognizing wear out in a material can avoid material failures. Nowadays this exploration needs highly skilled operators that using hand-operated eddy current testing (ECT) are able to recognize the flaws type and shape. With the introduction of a microprocessor based system the performance is enhanced by increasing the test speed while avoiding errors due to human failure like inexperience and inconsistency.
In the present paper a computer based eddy current testing system is proposed. A description of the implemented prototype including some details on the digital processing techniques used and the measurements obtained for different artificial defects in an aluminum plate are presented.