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Development of a Speech Recognizer with the Tecnovoz Database

Lopes, J. ; Neves, C. ; Veiga, A. ; Maciel, A. M. ; Lopes, C. ; Perdigão, F. ; Sá, L. V.

Development of a Speech Recognizer with the Tecnovoz Database, Proc International Conf. on Computational Processing of Portuguese - PROPOR, Aveiro, Portugal, Vol. , pp. 260 - 263, September, 2008.

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This paper describes the development of a robust speech recognition using a database collected in the scope of the Tecnovoz project. The speech recognition system is speaker independent, robust to noise and operates in a small footprint embedded hardware platform. Some issues about the database, the training of the acoustic models, the noise suppression front-end and the recognizer’s confidence measure are addressed in the paper. Although the database was especially designed for specific small-vocabulary tasks, the best system performance was obtained using triphone models rather than whole-word models.