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Multiscale Recurrent Pattern Image Coding With a Flexible Partition Scheme

Francisco, N. ; Rodrigues, Nuno M. M. ; Silva, E. ; Carvalho, M. ; Faria, S.M.M. ; Silva, V. ; Reis, M. C. R

Multiscale Recurrent Pattern Image Coding With a Flexible Partition Scheme, Proc IEEE International Conf. on Image Processing - ICIP, San Diego, United States, Vol. -, pp. 141 - 144, October, 2008.

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In this paper we present a new segmentation method for the multidimensional multiscale parser (MMP) algorithm. In previous works we have shown that, for text and compound images, MMP has better compression efficiency than state-of-the-art transform-based encoders like JPEG2000 and H.264/AVC; however, it is still inferior to them for smooth images. In this paper we improve the performance of MMP for smooth images by employing a more flexible block segmentation scheme than the one defined in the original algorithm. The new partition scheme allows MMP to exploit the image's structure in a much more adaptive and effective way. Experimental tests have shown consistent performance gains, mainly for smooth images. When employing the new block segmentation scheme, MMP outperforms the state-of-the-art JPEG2000 and H.264/AVC Intra-frame image coding algorithms for both smooth and non-smooth images, at low to medium compression ratios.