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A Reconfigurable A/D Converter for 4G Wireless

Horta, N. ; Silva, A. ; Guilherme, J.G.

A Reconfigurable A/D Converter for 4G Wireless, Proc IEEE International Symp. on Circuits and Systems - ISCAS, Seattle, United States, Vol. , pp. 924 - 927, May, 2008.

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This paper presents a multi-standard reconfigurable
sigma-delta modulator, which is able to support the predictable
standards of fourth generation of mobile communication
systems (4G). Furthermore, the proposed architecture halves the
number of required analog-to-digital converters in parallel
receivers, by processing concurrently two different signals. The
major design issues are outlined and operation modes are
detailed. A system-level simulation is performed to demonstrate
the feasibility of the presented solution. The modulator is
implemented into switched-capacitor circuits and device level
simulations demonstrate the performance of the converter.