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Multi-Hop Simulator for Ad-Hoc IEEE 802.11e

Ferro, J.M. ; Velez, F. J.

Multi-Hop Simulator for Ad-Hoc IEEE 802.11e, Proc International Association of Engineers (IAENG) World Congress on Engineering - WCE, London, United Kingdom, Vol. 1, pp. 200 - 205, July, 2008.

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This work addresses the development
of a cross-layer wireless network simulator for IEEE
802.11e in a multi-hop environment. Based on a pre-
vious simulator created by our research team for phys-
ical plus MAC layers, it involved the upgrade of a
previous version of that simulator to model the trans-
mission of packets from the source to the destination
using intermediate nodes. From the results obtained
for an initial routing algorithm, one can conclude that
the system is capable of deliver the packets regardless
of the source/destination, and successfully calculate
several metrics such as end-to-end delay and number
of packets lost.