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Evaluation of Modelling Accuracy of Reconfigurable Patch Antennas

Medeiros, C. R. ; Castela, A. ; Costa, J.R. ; Fernandes, C. A.

Evaluation of Modelling Accuracy of Reconfigurable Patch Antennas, Proc Conf. on Telecommunications - ConfTele, Peniche, Portugal, Vol. 1, pp. 13 - 16, May, 2007.

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This paper presents an evaluation of frequency reconfigurable patch antennas for multi-standard personal communication systems, using PIN diodes as switches.
Two different configurations are studied with dual-band behaviour: a patch antenna with two switchable slots; and a rectangular patch with a switchable parasitic element. One of the objectives is to evaluate the reliability of the simulation software to design and predict the performance of reconfigurable antennas with embedded active elements.
These antennas were fabricated and the measured results show good agreement with the simulations. Each of the designed antennas enable electronic switching of the operating frequency, while maintaining good input impedance match and stable radiation characteristics.