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Julia Fractal Microstrip Antenna

Minervino, R ; G, Assunção ; Peixeiro, C.

Julia Fractal Microstrip Antenna, Proc Simpósio Brasileiro de Microondas e Optoelectrónica, Natal, Brazil, Vol. , pp. - , November, 2022.

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This work presents a new microstrip antenna element based on the Julia fractal geometry. This compact printed antenna element provides multi-function behavior and seems adequate for 5G mobile communication system. A prototype has been designed for application in the X, Ku, and K microwave frequency bands. The new Julia fractal antenna element is fed by a coaxial cable and presents resonances at 9.0 GHz, 17.6 GHz, 19.8 GHz, 23.6 GHz, 25.7 GHz. Contrary to the other resonances where the usual broadside hemispherical radiation pattern is obtained, the second resonance has a radiation pattern with a null in the broadside direction. Experimental input reflection coefficient and radiation pattern results show a good agreement with simulations which validates the proposed concept and design procedure.