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A 35 Years Personal Journey in Microwave Printed Antennas

Peixeiro, C.

A 35 Years Personal Journey in Microwave Printed Antennas, Proc Simpósio Brasileiro de Microondas e Optoelectrónica, Natal, Brazil, Vol. , pp. - , November, 2022.

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This is a personal review paper. It describes my main research activities on microwave printed antennas, developed since 1987. Both research work done by me and done under my supervision is reported. There is an emphasis in noncompetitive international cooperation initially within Europe and lately with Brazilian institutions. However, also the research done in some competitive EU funded projects and networks of excellence is briefly described. The personal research topics and the associated number of publications are listed. Moreover, the most cited and the most recent publications of each of the five more relevant research topics are listed and briefly analyzed.