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A Novel Proposal of Cooperation and Reputation Mechanisms for IoT-based Tourism Solutions

Cangondo, G. ; Silva, B. ; Pombo, N.

A Novel Proposal of Cooperation and Reputation Mechanisms for IoT-based Tourism Solutions, Proc IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligence Systems iotais, Rome, Italy, Vol. , pp. - , September, 2022.

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The Internet of Things (IoT), which links intelligent
items to the Internet to improve our daily lives and give them a
sense of autonomy and intelligence, is transforming a number
of societal sectors. Tourism-related IoT solutions are already
available to speed up procedures like locating places, getting
recommendations based on context and location, and processing
payments. These solutions struggle to be widely used and to
provide a level of service and adoption that is favourable due to
the variety of techniques. In order to increase resource sharing
in a sensor network and route optimization, this paper makes
a novel suggestion for IoT-based solutions that makes use of
reputation and cooperation mechanisms. This study proposal
presents its conceptual design and IoT architecture, which
includes the organization of devices that request collaboration
using a Fog/Edge layer capable of handling large amounts of data
produced by IoT, as well as latency and opportunities to bring the
user closer to the cloud’s services. This IoT work proposal relates
to tourism. To increase connectivity and communication between
devices, the system examines a number of factors, including
reputation, trust, and incentive models. By incorporating this
suggestion into any IoT-based tourism solution, other processes
and duties that have an impact on visitors and organizations can
also be automated, saving time and money