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Quality Evaluation of Machine Learning-based Point Cloud Coding Solutions

Prazeres, J. ; Rodrigues, Rafael ; Sousa, M. ; Pinheiro, A.

Quality Evaluation of Machine Learning-based Point Cloud Coding Solutions, Proc International Workshop on Advances in Point Cloud Compression, Processing and Analysis, ACM Multimedia, Lisbon, Portugal, Vol. , pp. - , October, 2022.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1145/3552457.3555730

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In this paper, a quality evaluation of three point cloud coding solutions based on machine learning technology is presented, notably, ADLPCC, PCC_GEO_CNN, and PCGC, as well as LUT_SR, which uses multi-resolution Look-Up Tables. Moreover, the MPEG G-PCC was used as an anchor. A set of six point clouds, representing both landscapes and objects were coded using the five encoders at different bit rates, and a subjective test, where the distorted and reference point clouds were rotated in a video sequence side by side, is carried out to assess their performance. Furthermore, the performance of point cloud objective quality metrics that usually provide a good representation of the coded content is analyzed against the subjective evaluation results. The obtained results suggest that some of these metrics fail to provide a good representation of the perceived quality, and thus are not suitable to evaluate some distortions created by machine learning-based solutions. A comparison between the analyzed metrics and the type of represented scene or codec is also presented.