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Multi-Criteria Modeled Live Service Migration for Heterogeneous Edge Computing

Radwan, A. ; Chi​, H. R. ; Corujo, D. ; Quevedo, J. ; Silva, R. ; Santos, D. ; Aguiar, R. ; Abboud, O. A. ; Hecker, A.

Multi-Criteria Modeled Live Service Migration for Heterogeneous Edge Computing, Proc GLOBECOM-IEEE Global Communications Conference, Rio de Janeior, Brazil, Vol. , pp. - , December, 2022.

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In this paper, we modeled the emerging edge-computing-enabled live service migration as a multi-criteria problem optimization, tackling migration costs and benefits, as well as discussion of service providers' data privacy, simultaneously. Based on the optimization formulation, we conducted a small-scale analytical feasibility test, considering widely-utilized multi-criteria decision making algorithms, based on which we proposed a new TOPSIS based service migration algorithm. The algorithm was evaluated using simulations, whose results show that the proposed algorithm is sufficient to support live service migration for heterogeneous edge computing, while outperforming benchmarks in with respect to reducing migration costs and increasing achieved benefits, by 34.52% and 60.21%, respectively.