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Requirement Analysis for a MEO Propagation Campaign

Rocha, A. ; Mota, S. ; Marziani, A. ; Marzano, F. M ; Luini, L. ; Riva, C. R

Requirement Analysis for a MEO Propagation Campaign, Proc European Conf. on Antennas & Propagation - EUCAP, Dusseldorf, Germany, Vol. , pp. - , March, 2021.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.23919/EuCAP51087.2021.9411460


The modeling of the earth-satellite propagation
channel requires experimental data that are usually obtained by
monitoring CW signal sources installed in satellites (beacons).
Although there is considerable experience in the development of
beacon receivers for Geo satellites, this is not the case for MEO
or LEO constellations. The main considerations for the development of propagation receivers for monitoring MEO satellites
are addressed in this article. The target constellation is presented with a description of the satellite orbits, characteristics of
the beacon payload and the project requirements. The receiver's
requirements are then analyzed, starting with the antenna, satellite tracking, beacon detection and propagation data handling.