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Photonic sensors for non-invasive home monitoring of elders

Nepomuceno, A. C. ; Antunes, P. ; Alberto, N. ; André, P.S ; Chi​, H. R. ; Radwan, A. ; Domingues, M. F.

Photonic sensors for non-invasive home monitoring of elders, Proc IEEE Global Communications Conference - GLOBECOM, Madrid, Spain, Vol. , pp. - , December, 2021.

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In this paper, we present an optical fiber based
architecture for non-invasive home monitoring of elder citizens.
The approach is based on a network of optical fiber sensors
distributed along the space/room to be monitored. The sensing
mechanism is based on optical fiber Bragg grating (FBG)
sensors, produced by the phase mask method and integrated
within an accelerometer structure. This type of sensing solution
has high sensitivity allied with an extra resilience. Here we
present the proposed architecture, the evaluation of different
parameters that influence the accelerometer feedback, and the
theoretical approach for indoor localization using this type of
sensing mechanism. One advantage of the proposed solution is
that it does not depend on wearables, which are considered a
huge burden for elders