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HD Maps in the 5G-MOBIX project

Dias, T. ; Ribeiro, J. R. ; Moura, L. ; Jaurégui, D. J. ; Miranda, M. M. ; Almeida, J. ; Jooriah, M. J. ; Ferreira, J.

HD Maps in the 5G-MOBIX project, Proc IEEE 5G for CAM Virtual Summit, Brussels, Belgium, Vol. , pp. - , May, 2021.

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The adoption of 5G cellular communications enables advanced V2X use cases, namely ones involving detailed HD Maps and real-time holistic sharing of vehicle positions and status between autonomous, connected and even legacy vehicles. Project5G-MOBIX explores the implications of such use casesand evaluate theirbenefits. This paper presents the HD Maps scenario deployed under Spain-Portugal cross-border trials. The paper details the architecture of the infrastructure supporting the HD Maps scenario, the technology used, how integrations were achieved, planned trials and how the evaluation will be done.