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Reference Clock Signal Distribution for Quantum Key Distribution

Ramos, M. F. ; Silva, N. A. ; Muga, N. J. ; Pinto, A. N.

Reference Clock Signal Distribution for Quantum Key Distribution, Proc SBRC Workshop de Comunicação e Computação Quântica WQuantum, Uberlândia, Brazil, Vol. , pp. - , August, 2021.

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Quantum key distribution (QKD) requires high synchronization accuracy,
specially in systems that use gated detectors at the receiver station. In
this work, we present a reference clock distribution method to support long-term QKD. An average quantum bit error rate (QBER) of 1.8% was measured, which is suitable for different QKD implementations. This method is suitable for long distance and long-term QKD implementations and does not require additional transmitted qubits for synchronization.