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Parabolic Equation Technique Applied to an Urban Scenario in Rio de Janeiro

Ramos, G. ; Leonor, N. ; Faria, S. ; Caldeirinha, Rafael ; Castellanos, P. ; Ron, C. ; Mello, L.

Parabolic Equation Technique Applied to an Urban Scenario in Rio de Janeiro, Proc Conference on Telecommunications - ConfTele, Leiria, Portugal, Vol. , pp. - , February, 2021.

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In this paper, the discrete-mixed Fourier-transform
parabolic equation (DMFT/PE) technique was applied to predict
the path loss in an urban scenario. Preliminary results for the
numerical prediction is presented, using the algorithm in an
urban scenario, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at frequencies related
to 5G. The topography and the presence of buildings were
considered in the numerical simulation, as the ground loss and
the electrical parameters of the buildings were included in the
PE algorithm to predict the path loss. A root mean square error
comparison was performed for two different spatial samplings:
in the first case all the measured points were considered in the
PE prediction and in the second case only points with a distance
of 50 m between them. The use of the parabolic equation to
predict the path loss prediction in urban measurements seems to
be very promising as the obtained RMSE between measurements
and simulation was 8.5 dB at maximum in contrast with 10.3 dB
when using classic Hata Prediction.