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3D Printed Horn Antenna for Satellite Communication Systems

Ramos, A. ; Helena, D. R. H. ; Varum, T. ; Matos, J. N.

3D Printed Horn Antenna for Satellite Communication Systems, Proc 14.º Congresso do Comité Português da URSI, Conference Online, Vol. , pp. - , December, 2020.

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The emerging satellite communication systems demand for higher performance and better efficiency always at a low-cost. 3D printing technology is a possible solution in this way, as it can build countless shapes and structures allowing easier prototyping, affordable, and with high precision. This paper proposes the usage of conductive filament materials in building a horn antenna without requiring any post-printing treatment to radiate. Combining a measured gain of nearly 12 dBi, with an operating frequency of 28 GHz, this structure is suitable to be part of a larger antenna array to insert in a satellite communication system. The analysis acknowledges the potential of 3D printed antennas in the communication systems which integrate the growing number of satellites since they might actually be built in space, facilitating the replacement of any damaged radiating element.