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Motion-induced acoustic noise awareness for socially-aware robot navigation

Andrade, J. ; Almeida, A. ; Santana, P.

Motion-induced acoustic noise awareness for socially-aware robot navigation, Proc IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions ICARSC, Torres Vedras, United States, Vol. , pp. - , April, 2018.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICARSC.2018.8374155


Intelligent robotic systems need to be aware of humans if these humans' activities are not to be disturbed by the robot's presence. When a robot is performing an activity, the acoustic noise that it produces can be unpleasant for the people around. To avoid disturbing people, the robot may regulate its motion-induced acoustic noise by adapting its motion speed. In this paper we propose a solution to this problem that allows the robot to select, at each moment, the maximum velocity possible (up-to a reference desired velocity) that induces less acoustic noise than the environment's background acoustic noise. The motion-induced acoustic noise for each velocity-environment tuple is actively learned by the robot during a learning phase. A set of experimental results shows the ability of the proposed solution to allow an indoor wheeled robot to adjust its velocity according to the background acoustic noise.