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STDCC radar at 24 GHz: first measurement trials

Sardo, A. ; Reis, J. R. ; Duarte, L. ; Leonor, N. ; Ribeiro, C. ; Caldeirinha, Rafael

STDCC radar at 24 GHz: first measurement trials, Proc URSI International Union of Radio Science General Assembly & Scientific Symposium URSI GASS, Rome, Italy, Vol. , pp. - , September, 2020.

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This paper presents the first measurement trials for perfor- mance assessment of a real-time and high resolution mono- static radar operating at 24 GHz. The proposed real-time radar, which operates based on the sliding correlation of pseudo-noise (PN) sequences, provides a high time resolu- tion better than 4 ns, useful for moving target identification (MTI) in the presence of highly dense clutter, under harsh environments and severe weather conditions (fog, snow and fire smoke or plume). The STDCC radar target detection capability is demonstrated in this paper, by measuring and identifying the radar data for 4 distinct scenarios, composed of multiple targets (up to 8), inside an anechoic chamber, demonstrating the potential of the proposed radar architecture.