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Residual Self-Interference Estimation in In-Band Full-Duplex Wireless Systems

Irio, L. ; Sabah, A. ; Oliveira, R.

Residual Self-Interference Estimation in In-Band Full-Duplex Wireless Systems, Proc International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference - IWCMC, Limassol, Cyprus, Vol. , pp. - , June, 2020.

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In this paper, we present a novel method to estimate the distribution of the residual self-interference (SI) power of an in-band Full-duplex (IBFDX) system. Considering the residual SI distribution caused by the uncanceled SI in a post-mixer scheme due to a single propagation tap, we propose a framework capable of estimating the residual SI distribution. The estimator
relies on the computation of two estimated parameters, which takes advantage of using the method of moments of the residual SI distribution in a straightforward manner. Additionally, we assess the accuracy of the proposed estimators, considering different sample set lengths adopted in the estimation process. The results testify the quality of the estimation method and its ability to achieve high accuracy, even for a reduced number of samples. This work is of practical importance, particularly
when the residual self-interference is mainly due to a line-of-sight component, where the proposed technique can use a small set of samples to predict the residual interference in an accurate way.