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CVD Diamond Films for Thermal Management Applications

Sushmitha, K.S. ; Mukherjee, D.M. ; Silva, A. ; Alves, L. ; Rotter, S. ; Neto, M. ; Oliveira, F. ; Silva, R. ; Neto, H. ; Mendes, J. C.

CVD Diamond Films for Thermal Management Applications, Proc International Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas & Electronic Systems, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Vol. , pp. - , November, 2019.

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One of the stringent issues in modern electronic applications is related with the necessity of keeping the operating temperature of electronic components within safe levels. The use of passivation, board, and encapsulation materials with large thermal conductivity provides an efficient way of removing the excess heat without increasing the volume and weight of the electronic circuitry. Following this trend, diamond films deposited by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) offer a simple and efficient solution to maintain the operating temperature within safe limits. This paper discusses the use of CVD diamond films with HEMT devices, photonic integrated circuits and high power LEDs.