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Long Range RFID Indoor Positioning System with Passive Tags

Pereira, J. ; Gomes, H. ; Mendes, S. P. M. ; Santos, R. ; Faria, S. ; Neves, C.

Long Range RFID Indoor Positioning System with Passive Tags, Proc Industry 4.0 Academia Conference, Manchester, United Kingdom, Vol. -, pp. - - -, April, 2019.

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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) brings together machines, advanced analytics and people. It is a network of manufacturing devices and sensors that can monitor processes; collect, exchange and analyze
data; and use that information to continually adjust the manufacturing process. Passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tags are well-known sensors that can achieve the IIoT purpose, providing a long-range indoor positioning system (IPS). More specifically, we are building a RFID IPS prototype to be used in the context of the mold industry 4.0 that allows the location of passive RFID tags in a range of 15 meters from the reader. One UHF RFID reader was mounted and tested in an industrial crane that can cover a large industrial zone. This way, any small RFID passive tag attached to a mold or an industrial tool can be located with a precision better than half a meter, when an array of RFID readers are used. Our new mobile RFID IPS prototype will be mounted
for the first time in mold industries through the Tooling4G project.