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Real-Time Wireless Data Plane for Real-Time-Enabled SDN

Ribeiro, P. ; Duoba, LD ; Prior, R. ; Crisóstomo, S. ; Almeida, L.

Real-Time Wireless Data Plane for Real-Time-Enabled SDN, Proc IEEE International Workshop on Factory Communication Systems - WFCS, Sundsvall, Sweden, Vol. , pp. - , May, 2019.

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Industry 4.0 is a new paradigm for engineering industrial systems, relying on Information and Communication Technologies to support dynamic operation, interoperability and heterogeneity across the whole industrial architecture. In turn, Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a well-suited paradigm for dynamic communications management, being the OpenFlow protocol its most common implementation. Recently, the METRICS project addressed extending OpenFlow with real-time reservations (RTOF), filling a gap that limited SDN use in industry. However, until now RTOF was supported on real-time Ethernet data planes, only. Following the growing interest on wireless communication within Industry 4.0, this work-in-progress paper presents a real-time data plane for RTOF, building on IEEE 802.11e Quality-of-Service features and on Linux TC reservations capacity. We present the data plane architecture and preliminary experiments that show encouraging results.