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Lessons Learned and Challenges on Benchmarking Publish-Subscribe IoT Platforms

Aguiar, A. ; Morla, R. Morla

Lessons Learned and Challenges on Benchmarking Publish-Subscribe IoT Platforms, Proc Benchmarking Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things CPS-IoTBench, Montreal, Canada, Vol. , pp. - , April, 2019.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) emerged simultaneously in various research fields and application domains, leading to the appearence of a multitude of hardware, software technologies, horizontal platforms and data models. Lost in this diversity, adoption decisions are made to a large extent based on familiarity with a technology, or because there is a broad community support for it. In this context, bechmarking different technologies at different horizontal levels would provide a more solid justification for the adoption of a specific technology in a specific context. In this paper, we reflect on our previous work on benchmarking publish-subscribe IoT platforms as a middleware for IoT applications, reporting lessons learned and identifying challenges, thus contributing to the discussion on open topics and relevant downstream work.