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Performance Impact of Nonlinear Amplification in Massive MIMO mmWave Systems

Teodoro, S. ; Silva, A. ; Dinis, R. ; Gameiro, A.

Performance Impact of Nonlinear Amplification in Massive MIMO mmWave Systems, Proc Vehicular Technology Conference: VTC-Spring , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Vol. , pp. - , May, 2019.

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In order to fulfil the high capacity demands of 5G communications, massive MIMO and millimetre wave are two enabling key technologies considered for future wireless communication. Although these technologies allow huge capacity gains, the radio frequency transceivers employed in this systems induce several hardware impairments as noise quantization (due to resolution quantizers), nonlinear power amplifiers, frequency and phase offsets and in-phase and quadrature imbalance, which lead to a strong nonlinear distortion in the transmitted signal. The impact of these nonlinear effects on the overall performance of hybrid analog-digital massive MIMO millimetre wave OFDM systems is studied in this work, highlighting the importance of its knowledge to improve communication quality. Theoretical analysis of the distortion spectral signal in transmission is assessed and validated for these communication systems, using the quasi-Gaussian nature of the input nonlinear signals. The Rapp’s model is used in numerical results, by modelling power amplifiers in transmitter that characterizes the hardware impairments. The nonlinearity impact in these systems was observed for different scenarios, where the value of saturation level shows to have a strong influence on the overall system performance.