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Modified Symmetric Three-stage Doherty Power Amplifier for 5G

Sajedin, M. ; Elfergani, I. ; Abd-Alhameed, R.A.A.Abd ; Rodriguez, J.

Modified Symmetric Three-stage Doherty Power Amplifier for 5G, Proc European Conf. on Antennas & Propagation - EUCAP, Krakow, Poland, Vol. , pp. - , April, 2019.

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This paper presents an advanced three-stage
Doherty amplifier (DPA), using three 10W packaged GaNHEMT
devices from CREE. The amplifier incorporates three
quarter-wave impedance transformers in the output combining
circuit. The output matching networks consist of micro-strip
line, lumped-parameter components and offset lines of the
carrier and peaking cells that are used for proper load
modulation. The transmission line in the input path of the
carrier cell is inserted to adjust the delay among the carrier and
peaking cells. The overall behavior of the three-stage DPA with
the target of high drain efficiency at 6 and 8dB output power
back-off is compared with a two-stage Doherty power amplifier
and single ended power amplifier, while operating at 3.6 GHz
by using Agilent’s Advanced Design System simulation. The
designed three-stage power amplifier exhibits a power-added
efficiency (PAE) of 53.75% at full output power, and 50% at
8dB back-off. The power amplifier is capable of delivering up to
46dBm of output power.