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Comparison of Different Polymeric Materials for Mobile Off-the-Person ECG

Osório, D. ; Pitães, A. ; Gonçalves, N. M. P. G. ; Freitas, R. ; Ribeiro, C. ; Sá, R. ; Gamboa, H. ; Silva, H.

Comparison of Different Polymeric Materials for Mobile Off-the-Person ECG, Proc European Alliance for Innovation International Conference on IoT Technologies for HealthCare HealthyIoT, Guimarães, Portugal, Vol. , pp. - , November, 2018.

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In this paper, five different types of conductive polymeric materials are used as electrodes, and tested to find the best candidate to be implemented in a mobile off-the-person Electrocardiography (ECG) monitoring device. To assess their performance, each material was compared to a clinical grade ECG system using three signal similarity metrics, namely the cosine distance, correlation coefficient, and root mean square error. Within the tested materials, results show that two of them, PolyOne’s OnForce and Vectra’s 840i LDS LCP, offer similar perfor- mance when compared to stainless steel electrodes (a material widely used as a dry electrode), with the heartbeat waveform from each material showing high similarity to their respective reference.