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Service for MANET node self-configuration and communication

Soares, E. S. ; Aguiar, A. ; Brandão, P. ; Prior, R.

Service for MANET node self-configuration and communication, Proc IFIP Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference 2018 IFIP WMNC 2018, Prague, Czech Republic, Vol. , pp. - , September, 2018.

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Setting up a MANET is a complex task, involving the configuration of a routing protocol and the network parameters of the nodes, since there is no centralized point for distribution of IP addresses. This complexity is further compounded by the absence of a name resolution system. We describe NetService, a service that frees application developers and deployers from this burden. NetService runs on the nodes and auto-configures a predefined MANET at the request of applications. It handles IP address assignment and includes a name resolution mechanism that provides a hierarchical naming scheme and is compatible with a standard resolver. The service provides an API to configure the nodes and another one for exchanging messages, abstracting applications from the details of network access.