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MoRe Illumination for Passive Radar

Marques, P. M.

MoRe Illumination for Passive Radar, Proc European Conf. on Synthetic Aperture Radar, Aachen, Germany, Vol. 1, pp. tbd - tbd, June, 2018.

Digital Object Identifier: tbd

This paper presents a novel technique to improve the detection for targets of interest in the context of passive radar. The technique, herein coined Match On Reference (MoRe), applies to scenarios where the targets can be modeled as having a few predominant scatterers. In this situation it is possible to insert the target model on the reference channel in such a way that the correlation function will be enhanced relatively to the remaining targets and the clutter on the target region. It is inspired on the conventional matched illumination technique which is applyed to active radar systems. However, instead of matching the transmitted signal, over which there is no control on a passive radar, the matching is done on the signal acquired on the reference channel.