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Towards a fully automated bracelet for health emergency solution

Pombo, N. ; Garcia, N. M.

Towards a fully automated bracelet for health emergency solution, Proc IoTBDS 2018, Funchal, Portugal, Vol. , pp. - , March, 2018.

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Activity and health monitoring bracelets are currently a popular consumer electronic wearable, and several
different manufacturers market several different versions, integrating a wide and diverse range of sensors.
The several different types of bracelets often require the user to interact with the bracelet itself or with the
help line attendant. However, this interaction is not suitable in many emergency scenarios. Thus, this paper
presents a novel system to monitor, detect and communicate health critical situations, in a full automated
manner. The system encompasses a bracelet capable for health abnormalities detection based on both vital
signs, and accelerometer data collection from the user. This paper also describes the design and prototyping
process of the bracelet, providing insight and solutions to observed problems. In spite of the early stage of
this system, the observed results are promising and offer room for improvements on either complementary
studies or different clinical emergence scenarios.