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WDM Transmission over Graded Index Plastical Optical Fiber

Almeida, T. ; Oliveira, R. ; Rocha, Ana M. ; Bilro, L. ; Nogueira, R.N.

WDM Transmission over Graded Index Plastical Optical Fiber, Proc 26th International Conference on Plastic Optical Fibres POF 2017, Aveiro, Portugal, Portugal, Vol. , pp. - , September, 2017.

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In this work, we demonstrate the transmission of 50 Gb/s over 50 m of multimode graded-index
polymer optical fiber. The transmission has been achieved employing wavelength division multiplexing
technology with four channels in the C Band 12.5 Gb/s each. The results presented here will improve the current
state of the art in short distance applications employing POF, paving the way for a more intense use of this fiber
in the near future.