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Practical multi-band antenna for 3G and 4G mobile services

Elfergani, I. ; Hussaini , A. ; Rodriguez, J. ; Tong, D. ; Abd-Alhameed, R.

Practical multi-band antenna for 3G and 4G mobile services, Proc Internet Technologies and Applications (ITA), 2017, Wrexham, United Kingdom, Vol. , pp. - , September, 2017.

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This paper presents a compact antenna design based on PIFA configuration with multi-band features. The present design operates over the lower and upper bands of LTE700/2600MHz, together with the existing standard of GSM1900MHz. An approach of size miniaturization and triple band characteristics was applied through the embedded slot over the radiator surface. The antenna occupies a small volume of 13.5×50×7mm3, which is mounted over the ground plane with dimensions of 50×100mm2. Moreover, two identical antennas are integrated within the home device, where their results are checked and compared with the standalone version of the antenna.