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Towards a secure network architecture for smart grids in 5G era

Saghezchi, F. ; Mantas, G. ; Ribeiro, JCR ; Al-Rawi, M. ; Mumtaz, S.M. ; Rodriguez, J.

Towards a secure network architecture for smart grids in 5G era, Proc International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conf. - IWCMC, Valencia, Spain, Vol. , pp. - , June, 2017.

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Smart grid introduces a wealth of promising applications for upcoming fifth-generation mobile networks (5G), enabling households and utility companies to establish a two-way digital communications dialogue, which can benefit both of them. The utility can monitor real-time consumption of end users and take proper measures (e.g., real-time pricing) to shape their consumption profile or to plan enough supply to meet the foreseen demand. On the other hand, a smart home can receive real-time electricity prices and adjust its consumption to minimize its daily electricity expenditure, while meeting the energy need and the satisfaction level of the dwellers. Smart Home applications for smart phones are also a promising use case, where users can remotely control their appliances, while they are away at work or on their ways home. Although these emerging services can evidently boost the efficiency of the market and the satisfaction of the consumers, they may also introduce new attack surfaces making the grid vulnerable to financial losses or even physical damages. In this paper, we propose an architecture to secure smart grid communications incorporating an intrusion detection system, composed of distributed components collaborating with each other to detect price integrity or load alteration attacks in different segments of an advanced metering infrastructure.