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SCRATCH: An End-to-End Application-Aware Soft-GPGPU Architecture and Trimming Tool

Duarte, PPD ; Tomás, P ; Falcão, G.

SCRATCH: An End-to-End Application-Aware Soft-GPGPU Architecture and Trimming Tool, Proc IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture MICRO, Boston, United States, Vol. , pp. - , October, 2017.

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Applying advanced signal processing and artificial intelligence algorithms is often constrained by power and energy consumption
limitations, in high performance and embedded, cyber-physical and super-computing devices and systems. Although Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) helped to mitigate the throughput-per-Watt
performance problem in many compute-intensive applications, dealing more efficiently with the autonomy requirements of intelligent
systems demands power-oriented customized architectures that
are specially tuned for each application, preferably without manual redesign of the entire hardware and capable of supporting legacy code. Hence, this work proposes a new SCRATCH framework that aims at automatically identifying the specific requirements of each application kernel, regarding instruction set and computing unit
demands, allowing for the generation of application-specific and FPGA-implementable trimmed-down GPU-inspired architectures.
The work is based on an improved version of the original MIAOW
system (here named MIAOW2.0), which is herein extended to support
a set of 156 instructions and enhanced to provide a fast prefetch
memory system and a dual-clock domain. Experimental results with
17 highly relevant benchmarks, using integer and floating-point
arithmetic, demonstrate that we have been able to achieve an average of 140× speedup and 115× higher energy-efficiency levels
(instructions-per-Joule) when compared to the original MIAOW
system, and a 2.4× speedup and 2.1× energy-efficiency gains compared against our optimized version without pruning.