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Game-Theoretic Network Bandwidth Distribution for Self-Adaptive Cameras

Seetanadi, G. ; Oliveira, L. ; Almeida, L. ; Arzen, K. ; Maggio, M.

Game-Theoretic Network Bandwidth Distribution for Self-Adaptive Cameras, Proc International Workshop on Real-Time Networks - RTN, Dubrovnik, Croatia, Vol. ., pp. . - ., June, 2017.

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Devices sharing a network compete for bandwidth, being able to transmit only a limited amount of data. ‘is is for example the case with a network of cameras, that should record and transmit video streams to a monitor node for video surveillance. Adaptive cameras can reduce the quality of their video, thereby increasing the frame compression, to limit network congestion. In this paper, we exploit our experience with computing capacity allocation to design and implement a network bandwidth allocation strategy based on game theory, that accommodates multiple adaptive streams with convergence guarantees. We conduct some experiments with our implementation and discuss the results, together with some conclusions and future challenges.