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Modeling PA linearity and efficiency in MIMO transmitters

Barradas, F. M. B. ; Cunha, T.R. ; Cabral, P. M. ; Pedro, J. C.

Modeling PA linearity and efficiency in MIMO transmitters, Proc IEEE International Microwave Symposium IMS, Honolulu, United States, Vol. , pp. - , June, 2017.

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Modern transmitter architectures rely on multi input multi output (MIMO) techniques, using several radio-frequency (RF) power amplifiers (PAs) to excite an antenna array. The array elements are often coupled, creating apparent variable loads at the output of each PA. In this system, the behavior of each PA cannot be fully described solely as a function of its input, as it will change according to the coupled signal. Moreover, the impact of the RF mutual coupling is felt not only on the RF output, but also on the direct current (DC) consumption, and thus efficiency, of the device. In this paper, we propose a novel PA modeling approach capable of predicting both the RF output and the absorbed DC current, dependent on the excitation and coupled signals. The proposed model is, therefore, suitable for system level simulations including efficiency and linearity predictions.