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Extending OpenFlow with Industrial Grade Communication Services

Silva, L. ; Gonçalves, P. ; Marau , R. ; Pedreiras, P.

Extending OpenFlow with Industrial Grade Communication Services, Proc IEEE World Conf. on Factory Communication Systems - WFCS, Trondheim, Norway, Vol. , pp. - , May, 2017.

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Software-defined networking (SDN) is an
emerging and disruptive networking paradigm that emerged on
campus networks but was soon recognized as having potential
applicability in several other application areas, including
Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT.

Industrial IoT applications have requirements remarkably
distinct from the ones of campus networks, particularly in what
concerns timeliness and fault-tolerance. The METRICS project
aims at developing an SDN framework enhanced with real-time
services for industrial applications. This paper presents a set of
extensions to the OpenFlow protocol that allows carrying out
real-time reservations. Moreover, the paper also presents
preliminary experimental results that illustrate basic datapath
functionality of the switch that is being developed in the scope of
the project.