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Behavioural facial animation using motion graphs and mind maps

Serra, J. ; Orvalho, V. ; Cosker, D. P. Cosker

Behavioural facial animation using motion graphs and mind maps, Proc ACM Motion in Games, San Francisco, United States, Vol. 0, pp. 161 - 166, October, 2016.

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We present a new behavioural animation method that combines motion graphs for synthesis of animation and mind maps as behaviour controllers for the choice of motions, significantly reducing the cost of animating secondary characters. Motion graphs are created for each facial region from the analysis of a motion database, while synthesis occurs by minimizing the path distance that connects automatically chosen nodes. A Mind map is a hierarchical graph built on top of the motion graphs, where the user visually chooses how a stimulus affects the character's mood, which in turn will trigger motion synthesis. Different personality traits add more emotional complexity to the chosen reactions. Combining behaviour simulation and procedural animation leads to more emphatic and autonomous characters that react differently in each interaction, shifting the task of animating a character to one of defining its behaviour.