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Whole organic electronic synapses for dopamine detection

Gomes, H.L.

Whole organic electronic synapses for dopamine detection, Proc SPIE - Organic Optoelectronics and Photonics III , San Diego, United States, Vol. 9944, pp. 9944-P1 - 9944-P7, September, 2016.

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A whole organic artificial synapse has been fabricated by patterning PEDOT:PSS electrodes on PDMS that are biased in frequency to yield a STP response. The timescale of the STP response is shown to be sensitive to the concentration of dopamine, DA, a neurotransmitter relevant for monitoring the development of Parkinson’s disease and potential loco- regional therapies. The sensitivity of the sensor towards DA has been validated comparing signal variation in the presence of DA and its principal interfering agent, ascorbic acid, AA. The whole organic synapse is biocompatible, soft and flexible, and is attractive for implantable devices aimed to real-time monitoring of DA concentration in bodily fluids. This may open applications in chronic neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.