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Live Demonstration: 150Mbps+ DCO-OFDM VLC

Figueiredo, M. ; Ribeiro, C. ; Alves, L.

Live Demonstration: 150Mbps+ DCO-OFDM VLC, Proc IEEE International Symp. on Circuits and Systems - ISCAS, Montreal, Canada, Vol. n.a., pp. 457 - 457, May, 2016.

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This demonstration showcases the potential of
OFDM-based Visible Light Communication (VLC) systems for
indoor high-speed communications using off-the-shelf LEDs,
suitable for illumination. The physical layer was implemented in
a Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA using System Generator. It was designed
with a modular architecture, enabling collaboration with other
groups with interest in this field. This demonstration explores the
optical front-end out-of-band bandwidth to transmit, showing the
usefulness of OFDM-based schemes. Using 64QAM and 25MHz
modulation bandwidth, it is possible to transmit over 50cm at
150Mbit/s with a BER smaller than the usual 3.8x10-3 limit.