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Throughput assessment of TCP over distributed WiFi access networks supported by RoF

Sousa, A. F. ; Lopes, C. B. ; Monteiro, P. ; Medeiros, M. C. R.

Throughput assessment of TCP over distributed WiFi access networks supported by RoF, Proc International Conf. on Transparent Optical Networks - ICTON, Trento, Italy, Vol. 1, pp. We.D2.1 - We.D2.1, July, 2016.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ICTON.2016.7550600


Presently, wireless local area networks (WLANs) are experiencing a tremendous increase of wireless bandwidth hungry devices and the increasing deployment of cloud-based enterprise networks. Additionally, mobile operators with heavily congested cellular networks are exploring the strategy of offload traffic from their cellular networks to WiFi hotspots. Technologies that were originally proposed for the mobile network, such as distributed antenna systems supported by radio over fiber (RoF) providing a distributed centrally managed network, can also improve the overall performance and efficiency of WLANs. However, it is important to find out if such network solutions can cope with the WiFi protocols. This paper presents a simulation based assessment of the downstream throughput performance provided by the TCP transport protocol when attached wireless users are connected to different remote antenna units (RAUs) on a distributed WiFi access network supported by RoF. The results show that throughput does not significantly decrease for RoF coverage radii of less than 10 kilometers. Moreover, the network throughput provided through different RAUs is not significantly different whatever is the length of the RoF link.