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Composable Routing in Mobile Mesh Networks

Almeida, L. ; Oliveira, L.oliveira

Composable Routing in Mobile Mesh Networks, Proc IEEE Real-Time Systems Symp. - RTSS, Porto, Portugal, Vol. 00, pp. 00 - 00, November, 2016.

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Small teams of cooperating robots have been shown to be useful in a myriad of applications. To accomplish their global goal, they typically need to communicate with one another in real-time, be it multimedia, motion control or position information. Due to their mobility, the resulting network assumes a dynamic mesh topology through which communications have to be routed, interfering in intricate patterns that vary with time, the number of active robots in the team, and their relative positions. In this short paper we advocate that routing for small teams of cooperating robots benefits from global synchronization and immediate forwarding, which provide composability in the time domain to the team communications by isolating the paths of each flow in separate time slots.