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Mediator Framework for Inserting xDRs Into Hadoop

Pereira, O. ; Capitão, M. ; Regateiro, D. ; Aguiar, R.

Mediator Framework for Inserting xDRs Into Hadoop, Proc IEEE International Symposium on Computer and Communications - ISCC, Messina, Italy, Vol. I, pp. 578 - 585, June, 2016.

Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ISCC.2016.7543795

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During the last decades, we assisted to what is called “information explosion”. With the advent of the new technologies and new contexts, the volume, velocity and variety of data has increased exponentially, becoming what is known today as big data. Among them, we emphasize telecommunications operators, which gather, using network monitoring equipment, millions of network event records, the Call Detail Records (CDRs) and the Event Detail Records (EDRs), commonly known as xDRs. These records are stored and later processed to compute network performance and quality of service metrics. With the ever increasing number of collected xDRs, its generated volume needing to be stored has increased exponentially, making the current solutions based on relational databases not suited anymore. To tackle this problem, the relational data store can be replaced by Hadoop File System (HDFS). However, HDFS is simply a distributed file system, this way not supporting any aspect of the relational paradigm. To overcome this difficulty, this paper presents a framework that enables the current systems inserting data into relational databases, to keep doing it transparently when migrating to Hadoop. As proof of concept, the developed platform was integrated with the Altaia - a performance and QoS management of telecommunications networks and services.