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Lightweight admission control and traffic management with SDN

Pinto, P. ; Amaral , P. ; Bernardo, L.

Lightweight admission control and traffic management with SDN, Proc IEEE International Conference on Communications - ICC , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Vol. 34413, pp. 6 - 16, May, 2016.

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This paper presents a scalable solution for guaranteeing bandwidth to interactions/communications assuming no information is provided by the applications. The objective is to define and assess what the network can do with so little information both in terms of guaranteeing quality and preventing being throttled by overloads. The suggestion of having applications indicating their needs did not materialize in the past and it is not credible to happen in the future. Applications tend to adapt to the conditions of the network (instead of requiring resources), and can drive the network to a halt. With no explicit information, the network must firstly protect itself from being driven into an uncontrolled saturation situation with unacceptable delays, and secondly devise what kind of guarantees can still be provided to applications. In this paper, if interactions live enough time, they become flows without any disruption in traffic or initial delays for flow establishment. Traffic is aggregated in the core and all flows access the network up to a maximum rate that is calculated when they begin. When the network becomes loaded, traffic that was granted guarantees is protected. New traffic is never blocked from accessing the network and may even get guarantees.