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Performance Analysis of Master-Slave Multi-Hop Switched Ethernet Networks

Ashjaei, M.A. ; Behnam, MB ; Nolte, TN ; Almeida, L.

Performance Analysis of Master-Slave Multi-Hop Switched Ethernet Networks, Proc IEEE International Symp. on Industrial Embedded Systems - SIES, Porto, Portugal, Vol. ., pp. 280 - 289, June, 2013.

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There is an increasing trend towards using switched Ethernet in real-time distributed systems due to features like absence of collisions and high throughput. Nevertheless, a few problems persist, in particular related to priority inversion and limited length in queues. In this paper we focus on a protocol which uses a master-slave technique over standard switched
Ethernet in order to overcome such problems, namely FTT-SE protocol. We present an improved response time analysis for such a network and we compare, analytically and with simulations, the results achieved with Network Calculus on a worst-case scenario. We show that our proposed response time analysis gives tighter bounds compared to Network Calculus. Moreover, we
compare the performance of different solutions to scale the FTT-SE protocol with respect to the bandwidth utilization. Finally, we propose a new architecture to improve the average performance of master-slave switched Ethernet networks.