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Adaptive Multi-Resource End-to-End Reservations for Component-Based Distributed Real-Time System

Khalilzad, Nima Khalilzad ; Ashjaei, M.A. ; Almeida, L. ; Behnam, MB ; Nolte, TN

Adaptive Multi-Resource End-to-End Reservations for Component-Based Distributed Real-Time System, Proc IEEE Symposium on Embedded Systems For Real-time Multimedia ESTIMedia, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Vol. ., pp. . - ., October, 2015.

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Complexity in the real-time embedded software domain has been growing rapidly. The component-based software development approach facilitates the development process of such software systems by dividing a complex system into a number of simpler components. Resource reservation techniques have been widely used for providing resources to real-time software components. In this paper we target real-time components operating on a distributed resource infrastructure. Furthermore, we target a class of software components which demonstrate
dynamic resource consumption behavior. A prime example of such components is a multimedia software component. In the paper, we present a framework supporting multi-resource end-to-end resource reservations. We reserve resource bandwidths on both processor resources as well as on the network resources. The proposed framework utilizes a Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) controller which adjusts the sizes of reservations tracking the dynamic resource demands of the software components.
Finally, we present a case study using a multimedia component to demonstrate the performance and efficiency of our framework.