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Augmented Reality Driving Supported by Vehicular Ad Hoc Networking

Ferreira, M. ; Gomes, P. ; Kruger-Silveria, M. K-S. ; Vieira, F. V.

Augmented Reality Driving Supported by Vehicular Ad Hoc Networking, Proc International symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality ISMAR , Adelaide, Australia, Vol. ., pp. . - ., October, 2013.

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The confined space of a car and the configuration of its controls
and displays towards the driver, offer significant advantages for
Augmented Reality (AR) systems in terms of the immersion level
provided to the user. In addition, the inherent mobility and vir-
tually unlimited power autonomy transform cars into perfect mo-
bile computing platforms. However, the limited network connec-
tivity that is currently available in automobiles leads to the design
of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that create AR
objects based only on the information generated by on-board sen-
sors, stored maps and databases, and eventually high-latency on-
line content for Internet-enabled vehicles. By combining the new
paradigm of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networking (VANET) with AR hu-
man machine interfaces, we show that it is possible to design novel
cooperative ADAS, that base the creation of AR content on the in-
formation collected from neighbouring vehicles or roadside infras-
tructures. We provide a prototype implementation of a visual AR
system that can significantly improve the driving experience.