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Low-Profile Wideband Stick-on Antenna for Body-Area Communication

Felício, J. M. ; Fernandes, C. A. ; Costa, J.R.

Low-Profile Wideband Stick-on Antenna for Body-Area Communication, Proc European Conf. on Antennas & Propagation - EUCAP, Davos, Switzerland, Vol. -, pp. - - -, April, 2016.

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We propose a low-profile antenna for wideband
near-field communications that is intended to be integrated with
an energy harvesting circuit and a storage device to store e.g.
medical records of the patient. In case of emergency the stored
information can be rapidly downloaded to an external handscanner
receiver due to the capability of the stick-on antenna to
reach very high data rates. In this particular application, the
energy is provided by the external reader at 2.4 GHz (ISM
band). The antenna was designed using a multilayer numerical
phantom to operate in contact with the skin. It has a diameter of
approximately 30 mm and works between 2.4 GHz and 7.5 GHz.
The proposed antenna also presents low pulse distortion, as
indicated by the fidelity factor, and early calculations show it can
reach bit rates of around 2.3 Gbit/s. The maximum power
allowed by SAR restrictions is evaluated.